Service and Factory Water Heating

Hot water is often an essential element in a factory or service. However, it is not possible to provide hot water when the central heating system is Best Electronic Water Descalers installed. It could be due to distance from the heating system, or because no gas is available or inexpensively available for heating. Or because the building generates a lot heat. There are many excellent options for large hot water heaters that are both efficient as well as productive.

While gas is an option, an electric water heater offers many benefits over the gas that was once the dominant fuel source. The typical large hyco unit has a 30 litre hot-water store. This allows it to have a substantial water storage that can be used immediately. It can provide hot water to 6 wash basins and other outlets at once. This unit has a high working capacity and is sufficient to supply hot water for large businesses. This unit is extremely efficient, as all heat is absorbed into the water.

Although there are heat losses, these are small because the units have excellent insulation. The unit will always work with unvented water, which is directly connected to mains water supply. If the mains pressure is extremely high, a pressure reducer might be necessary. Safety design concerns the expansion of water with heat. A small water expansion tank and piping from the system will be required. This is to ensure adequate expansion in the event that stop taps need to be closed. All of the standard temperature control systems are included.

This system is more environmentally friendly than gas because there are no gas servicing and annual testing requirements. A 3 KW heater is sufficient to provide the typical power consumption. Heating is on demand, which allows for efficient use and little heat loss during downtime. The heater comes with a descaling anode. However, it is important to regularly descal the anode in order to ensure the heater has the best heat transfer and longest life. This professional method is very affordable.

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