Official Mushroom Magic

One would never have believed that mushrooms could provide health benefits. Min Zhang, Research Associate at the University of Western Australia, studied the benefits of eating mushrooms to women in China. He found that the Agaricus mushroom family has an extraordinary magic that can give them a healthy boost. You can see Soulcybin for more information.

Current Research

Zhang of Zhejiang University (China) and The University of Western Australia did joint research and found that green tea and eating mushrooms can help to prevent breast cancer. Zhang revealed that breast carcinoma was the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer worldwide, and its prevalence was growing in both developing and developed countries. In China, however, cancer incidence was at least four to five times higher than that in developed nations. Researchers wanted to find out if this was due to Chinese people eating fresh, dried, and green leaves tea. Research has shown that mushrooms, mushroom extracts, green tea and green tea have anti-carcinogenic qualities. This could help to improve breast cancer resistance.

Monitored was the intake of green tea and mushrooms in the diets of 2,000 elderly women from Southeast China’s relatively rich southeast China. Half of these women were in good health, with the rest having confirmed breast cancer. It was revealed that Agaricus Bisporus (fresh white button mushrooms) and Lentinula Edodes (fragrant dried mushrooms), are the most frequently consumed species of mushroom. One group of women did not have green tea or mushrooms while another drank both.

Research showed that combination intakes of mushrooms and green-tea had an effect on breast cancer risk, as well as reducing the likelihood of developing malignancy. Zhang said that this inexpensive diet intervention can help protect against breast cancer development if the results of other studies are consistent.

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