Astrology: The Effective Use Of Gems Industry

Gems are a well-known and respected industry. It is rare to find a Gem merchant or jeweler who doesn’t boast about How to spot fake Moldavite!

Oxford Dictionary defines Gem as “a valuable stone, something of great beauty or superiority”. The stone is always a stone. It must be natural and organic. Many crystal and artificial pieces are sometimes called Gems. However, Gems is not the right term for them.

Gems were discovered in prehistoric times. Indian Puranas, mythology and Indian Puranas contain references to gems. These precious Gems formed part of the Imperial treasury. Gifts of precious stones were used to reward exemplary performance in either warfare or fine arts. We all know that Diamond KOHINOOR, the world’s most famous diamond, has been from India to England.

Gems became affordable and were a part of every modern woman’s closet.

Since time immemorial gems were used to ornament the body. But, it was also known that they could be used as a substitute for vital components of the Human body. These stones are still believed to possess magical powers. They were also used to treat maladies and reap wealth.

The first Vedic Astrological standard text that referred to Gems in a classical Vedic format is HORA SARA by the great Indian Astronomer, cum astrologer VARAHAMIHIRA. All subsequent works on this subject, whether in the United States or abroad, aspired to be as similar. But it wasn’t until science and chemistry developed that chemical properties were known for these stones. This was when scientific testing began. The gems also contain an abundance of energy. They act as substitutes for certain elements in the human body, such as colour or energy vibrations.

The identification and classification of Gems once took place in the most basic and traditional way, which was close observation and observation by Human eyes. Cheating was possible. However today, there are gem testing labs around the world that can scientifically test the quality and authenticity of Gems.

The effects of different organic gemstones on the human body were studied by native healers as well as astrologers. Amazing results were obtained. Gems are easy to use and have been a prominent part of astrological remedies since then.

Gems work by creating energy vibrations in the body, and through their colour. Not to be overlooked is the colour therapy system to heal diseases as well as the applications of the colour concept in other psychic healing methods.

Scientifically, it has been proven that the energy vibrations produced by organic Gem stones are different. The energy vibrations can vary between Gems and Gems. This is in line with the energy vibrations that are used to correct the imbalance caused in the body by a deficiency of any vital elements. These areas are called the Panchabootha or the fundamental five elements. Earth, Air and Fire are the four elements that make up Ayurveda’s classification of body chemistry.

After having seen how Gem therapy has evolved and what its curative properties are, I will now briefly describe the Gems and their uses in Astrology.


Ruby has always been one of the most valued gemstones on Earth. This gem is rich in colour and has a remarkable brilliance.

India was believed to have been the origin of Rubies. Ruby, according to Indian classical Astrological texts, is Sun the ruler in the solar system. It’s being used as a counterbalance to the Sun’s weakening in the Horoscope. It is possible to have problems with weak Suns in your horoscope.

1) The psychological and external factors. – A lack of leadership abilities. Autority and displeasure with superiors, ill-will of Father and father, Govt. and rulers etc.

2) Physiological, & Internal

Remedy for Ruby

A Ruby with good quality should be worn only by people who are affected by weak sun. This will be done through a careful examination of your horoscope. For men, the stone must be set with gold. It should be worn on the ring finger in both the left and right hands.


The pearl is an organic gem. It’s formed by pearl oysters covering a foreign object in beautiful layers of nucer. Although pearls are rare and very expensive once, they can be found today in abundance thanks to pearl cultivation. These pearls are rare, because they were not created by accident.

A natural pearl is best for healing or curative purposes. In astrological terminology, artificial pearls can be used but are of little use.

Astrology Remedies

A remedy that works for weak moons in the horoscope is Pearl. Indecisiveness, inmorality, immorality, and wavering mind are all signs of a weak Moon in your chart. All matters that affect the emotional side of your body can be addressed by pearls. The suggestion to wear a pearl must be considered with care as there are risks associated with physical conditions such as Asthma and bronchitis. A professional astrologer is needed in these situations.

Red Coral

The corals, another organic Gem, are made from very tiny life forms that settle deep in the warm waters in large colonies.

Uses of coral in Astrology

You should be cautious when suggesting red coral. Coral is a good choice for planets that are favorable and beneficial, however it should not be used to prevent its harmful effects.


The most striking gem among Navarathnas, Emerald, is undoubtedly. . This royal of the Navarathnas Familie has the deepest and most vibrant greens found in organic objects. It is the center of many mythical stories.

Vedas, which are the first holy scriptures that Hindus have ever written, make mention of this gem as well as its healing qualities.

South America has the most beautiful emeralds. Since time immemorial, people have considered this stone a sacred gemstone.

It is possible that fine emeralds can be more costly than diamonds.

Many of the stunning emeralds can be seen at world museums and collections.

Emerald is used in the following:

A gem called Emerald that is highly effective in astrological remedies can be made without any caution. It is a sober planet that usually does not have any negative effects, except for rare instances when it causes a serious functional malfic.

Yellow sapphire


Sapphires are just crystallized alumina. In their purest form, they lack any colour. You can find sapphires in many colors, such as pink, blue and yellow. The Indian name for yellow sapphire (Pushpa or Pushya Ragam), and the blue one is referred to as Neelam. It is characterized by a high specific gravity, a mean refractive indice of 1.765 and tenaciousness on the moth’s scale. You can find Occurrence sapphires in Australia (U.S.A.), Brazil, Sri Lanka. Thailand and Russia. U.S.A., Nigerian, Mexico and Zambia.

Astrological Use:

It is considered the best stone in the Navarathnas familiy. This stone bestows wisdom, wealth and knowledge. The stone’s immense benefits are felt by girls when they search for their future partners. This stone is a great way to treat physical conditions such as chronic liver disease, biliousness, gall bladder stones and other issues. It is the symbol of Jupiter, the most important planet in the solar systems.

It can improve vision and prevent oneself from being poor. You can use it to cure heart problems, diarrhoeas, gastritis and ulcers as well as gout, arthritis, pain in the knee joints, and impotency. The gold-colored bracelet should be worn with the first finger of your right hand, in gold on Thursdays in the bright half lunar month. You should not exceed six grams in weight.


Physical properties

The pure carbon form of diamond is carbon. It has a particular gravity of 3.52, a mean refractive indice of 2.4818, and is often0 on the Moth’s scale.

The chemical differences between diamond, graphite and coal are minimal. However, the unique atomic bonds make the difference.


South Africa is home to diamonds. India has three major diamond mining areas: Madhya Pradesh Orissa, Andhra Pradesh.


Inclusions are necessary for a diamond’s authenticity. You can see these inclusions with your naked eyes or by magnifying it. If there are no black spots, or milk patches in a diamond, it may be a zirconia, or a piece or glass. Rare diamonds that do not contain any inclusions can only be obtained by collectors.

It is important to see that all the light coming into a diamond’s front is completely reflected by its back facets, which act as a series mirrors.
The Astrology of Diamonds:

Venus can be represented in diamonds. Venus is affected by problems with fertility, marital relationships and the comforts of daily life. The weak Venus can make life difficult and void of comforts. The use of this stone requires astrological knowledge. Apart from the effects of stone chemicals on our bodies, each piece has a unique quality which may lead to good and bad outcomes. Therefore it’s important that you try the stones before making any decisions.

The legend goes that a person who owns a diamond will live a lavish life. The name, fame, and artistic talent of a person can be enhanced by wearing a diamond. The diamond is an extremely popular gem. Diamond is a popular gem. In addition to improving financial circumstances and providing peace of mind, it can also increase the person’s fertility. Gems are also beneficial in treating diabetes, conditions of the urinary tract, diseases of the private parts, syphilis and other uterine disorders. A Friday should see the wearing of a diamond on your right ring finger in any type of white metal. You should keep the weight at 1/4 to 1/2 grams.

Blue Sapphire

You can find this gemstone in any shade of blue.

This yellow is explained in the previous paragraph.

Astrology Uses:

The one that demands the greatest care and detailed analysis, before suggesting any subject. A stone that is favorable to a person may also make him ill. Saturn can cause fatal accidents and misfortunes if the stone is placed incorrectly in a chart.

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