Luxurious Apartments for Living

Luxurious Apartments

Schaumburg is a village in Northeast part of Illinois. It is situated in the Cook County. This village is in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and this is also a part of Golden Corridor. It is approximately 16 Km away from the Northwest of O’Hare International Airport. This place is a paradise for nature loving people. If you are looking for an Apartment for rent in Schaumburg then now is the time to do it.

According to the census of 2010 total population of this village was 74,227. This is not a very populated village, and this is a much-unpolluted village in the state of Illinois. Schaumburg is a great place to live in apartments because these apartments are very low in cost and let you make new friends in your neighborhood.

If we see for areas to find the carefree apartments in Schaumburg, then The Lake of Schaumburg Apartments are at the priority of everyone. There are Studio apartments, one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments are available at very fewer rates.

Each apartment of this building is air conditioned with Ceiling fans in each room. There is a balcony as well in all apartments of The Lake of Schaumburg where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding and enjoy your evening tea with your family with a stunning view of the sunset.

There are dishwashers as well in the Kitchens of the Apartments where you can easily wash your kitchen utensils without any irritation. The kitchens are also equipped with microwave ovens where you can keep your food warm and fresh and ready to eat in some minutes or seconds.

These apartments are fully furnished with a new interior which gives you a feeling of luxury lifestyle. There is also a laundry section in the apartment which makes it easier for you to keep your clothes neat and clean. There is fireplace for you as well where you can sit around in winter season in the evening with your family and have a fine cup of tea with them.

In every bedroom of your apartment, there is an oversized walk-in closet; this gives you enough space to keep your clothes, shoes, and other similar stuff in order so that you can find them easily whenever you need them. Your apartment does not get stinky for this purpose there is garbage disposal as well where you can throw your trash easily instead of going out and throwing them in dustbins.

Every apartment has a wall attach refrigerator to keep your entire foodstuff fresh for a long period. This community has a pet-friendly policy due to which they allow you keep a maximum of two pets per apartment, which includes cats and dogs only. According to this policy, there is no weight limit for the pets, and there is a monthly fee for each pet.

For a cat the monthly fee is $15 and for the dog, it is $25, non-refundable fee for the first pet is $200 and if you bring a second pet, then there is $100 for that. Still, there are some limitations in the breeds.

In short, The Lake of Schaumburg is most satisfying apartment’s community.